Flying…that feeling!



In spite of our rainy season, it was a good day to take off on a Ultra light plane, I guess it’s the closest feeling to a bird’s flight.

The location is close to the coastline here in El Salvador, where sugar cane and other plants are cultivated.

Most of this area is agricultural, due to its weather which is pretty warm most of the time.

The views from this perspective are just amazing, El Salvador has  a lot to offer, not all things are bad, there are always exceptions to the rules, this is one of them.

A wonderful experience worth to share!


The first wedding photoshoot…Ever!

Well, it’s sort of a funny story somehow, my friend Veronica had come from the States with her boyfriend to tie the knot here at Costa del Sol, a popular beach spot here in El Salvador.



Paula y Nina DICIEMBRE 08 219-3

By the time we got to the church, the ceremony was about to start, and Veronica tells me her photographer was a no show,  that’s when I began to see her nervous in a way.

But I used to have a camera in my purse, so that I could get pictures of my kids whenever I wanted -plus, I was already trying to experiment with it in some other fields-, it was a Sony Cibershot.

My hubby had his digital Minolta -unknown model so far- , which also was counted in.

Ok, we were ready to shoot the wedding since there was no official photographer!


The photos didn’t turn out that bad you know, -well, a few others I really didn’t like- but  this experience was just a new thing for me, since improvising was the only thing we could go along with!

Later on, we got thanked for this, we made it part of our wedding present hehe!

It was in December, 2008.