Gaby & Rafael

Another wedding I had the chance to photograph, this time for Estudio Pixelarte, back in 2015.

It took place in the town of Apaneca, in El Salvador, which is a very touristic place to visit, it’s well known for it’s nice weather most of the year.

The house was kind of old and big, it held enough space for everybody attending that day.

The love the whole family put in every detail of the ceremony and party was just amazing.



Well, this post is kind of belated… these pictures were done in 2016, but there’s a reason for that, I am trying to update my page with most of the work I’ve done, this is my portfolio!

I haven’t been doing wedding photoshoots lately,  not because I don’t want to, they are always fun,  but because I’ve been getting other jobs in the middle and my colleages are busy in other things.

Maybe I’ll do some more further on. We’ll see.

For now, I am just enjoying to see some of my work up on my page.