I have decided to review my not so old material, and I ran into this folder from 2015, I found these lovely photos I did while working with Pixelarte.

I think it was probably one of the first weddings I took pictures of (while that photography project lasted).

These are the pics of Rafael & Gaby’s wedding!


It’s been a long time since I’ve worked an event photoshoot, this wedding took place at Los Farallones Hotel, here in El Salvador, it’s well known for it’s beautiful views.

Noreen and Nelson took their time to plan it, since it’s been a difficult time this year for these kind of events, only a few were invited to this lovely ceremony, and it was made with special details which showed their love and affection.

We started really early that day, Noreen got make up and hair done in San Salvador, I was worried that it would not last until the end of the day, we live in a warm and humid environment.

She came out looking really pretty.

Later on, we drove down to the beach resort, I can tell you it’s a bit difficult to use a mask in that weather, but with good hidration, things become a little bit easier to handle in those cases.

The bridesmaids arrived and helped her change into her gorgeous wedding attire.

When the ceremony was about to start her parents came in to wish her all the best.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

May all your dreams together become a reality!


It was on a saturday afternoon, our location this time was Cardedeu, a beautiful spot by the Coatepeque Lake -which by the way is one of the beauties of this country-, its well known for its price winning architecture.

That’s the place where John and Dana chose to exchange their vows in this very intimate ceremony organized with their close friends Roberto and Camila.

It was really a touching experience of love, and I thank them for making me part of it.



It has been kind of a slow year when it comes to weddings, my friend Karen asked me to help her with another one, and somehow, these events are so unique.

We first met with Arline and Ronald a few days before their big day, and you could see such chemistry between them that we knew that our images would turn out wonderfully!


My colleage and friend Cristina Mendoza asked me to help her to photoshoot in a wedding, a small intimate ceremony and party.

The ceremony took place at the parrish from UCA (University of Central America).

It was simply decorated with beautiful flowers and good taste.

Katya and Enrique make a happy couple, they were surrounded by their loving family.

We wish them the best in the future to come!


Well, this post is kind of belated… these pictures were done in 2016, but there’s a reason for that, I am trying to update my page with most of the work I’ve done, this is my portfolio!

I haven’t been doing wedding photoshoots lately,  not because I don’t want to, they are always fun,  but because I’ve been getting other jobs in the middle and my colleages are busy in other things.

Maybe I’ll do some more further on. We’ll see.

For now, I am just enjoying to see some of my work up on my page.



The first wedding photoshoot…Ever!

Well, it’s sort of a funny story somehow, my friend Veronica had come from the States with her boyfriend to tie the knot here at Costa del Sol, a popular beach spot here in El Salvador.



Paula y Nina DICIEMBRE 08 219-3

By the time we got to the church, the ceremony was about to start, and Veronica tells me her photographer was a no show,  that’s when I began to see her nervous in a way.

But I used to have a camera in my purse, so that I could get pictures of my kids whenever I wanted -plus, I was already trying to experiment with it in some other fields-, it was a Sony Cibershot.

My hubby had his digital Minolta -unknown model so far- , which also was counted in.

Ok, we were ready to shoot the wedding since there was no official photographer!


The photos didn’t turn out that bad you know, -well, a few others I really didn’t like- but  this experience was just a new thing for me, since improvising was the only thing we could go along with!

Later on, we got thanked for this, we made it part of our wedding present hehe!

It was in December, 2008.