My friend Mario -who is a great photographer- asked me to help him catch a few photos, his brother Carlos, who had it all planned out to make it a surprise,  was going to pop the question to his loved girlfriend Élida.

It was a really foggy afternoon up on the San Salvador Volcano, there are restaurants up there where you have a wonderful view of the city,  nevertheless that did not stop us from hiding on the background and wait to come out to catch the very moment when he asked her to become his wife! That was awesome! -Shooting in fog can be tricky too!-


And so, they will become a family soon,  I really wish them all the happiness in the world!

An English Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

I had offered my niece to shoot her pre-wedding arrangements, the main reason of our trip on the other side of the pond in fact! We had promised her to be there for that special date.

Anyway, the days before the wedding were kind of in a rush, trying to make it just in time for everything even catching the train to Royal Leamington Spa! We had to make a run for it!!

The very same day, we woke up early so that I could have time to fix my equipment, catch a bite -sorry, I tend to malfunction if I don’t eat breakfast-, and meet up at the apartment where the girls were getting ready.

I have to thank James Watson and Desiree Benko for letting me try their lenses too, I might get me an 85mm pretty soon!

Here are some of the pics I took.