Part of my younger years were spent doing a lot of sports, but I had a thing for gymnastics which I got to practice for six or seven years.

That’s why I felt so happy when I got a call to do a photoshoot before a competition, I was thrilled to do it!

It brought me back to those days when training was hard, so hard you could see your hands peeled off and it didn’t matter, when you get to the point when you challenge your body, when you know you have your limits and still feel the need to try it until you make it right. I must say that gimnastics shaped me a lot into the person I am today.

When I was in there, I felt like if I could I would do it again, then I remembered my physical capacity ain’t the same as it used to…

But it was fun to go back in there with my camera!


Soon! We will be able to watch Boneyard, a documentary on YouTube, which is about four boys that decided to make music, back in the day, we’re talking about late 80’s- early 90’s.

I joined them -camera in hand-, right before the official presentation, at this bar, we shared a couple of beers and good conversation while doing my shots.

These guys have been part of the rock scene for quite some years now, and it can be a struggle to develop any type of art in a country which can be culturally limited. What I do see, is that all these efforts to keep the music history coming forward to new generations, are going to pay off sometime ahead. And it’s a good thing for new generations to see.


The World Surfing Leage (WSL) made its very first stop in El Salvador this past week in Punta Roca, known for having the best righthand point break in Central America.

Too bad we got hit by storms these past few days which made the conditions a bit too difficult to start the tournament right on schedule. So the pressure was on to make the best out of it.

Maybe next time Punta Roca will show itself for what it really is.

I got the chance to go and take a few shots both times I went. Still I’m learning a lot about the sports I wish I could have learnt when younger.


This had me with mixed emotions… On one hand, just the thought of being their official photographer through the years, this time having the chance to document their last concert… The very last one.

On the other hand, having the honor of covering their most important venues, being a part of it all through my lens… I feel grateful, and will always be.

The farewell venue happened at the Black Coyote Theater, it felt most like an MTV Unplugged (sort of), but absolutely electrifying! The crowd’s reactions and interactions were just there, it all had me jumping around with my camera while capturing those moments.


I specially like to thank my dear friend Aaron Sztarkmann (the greatest bass player there is) for putting such job on my hands and eyes.

And so it all began…


31 de Agosto, si…31 de Agosto de 2019 tenía yo anotado desde hacía unos meses la tan esperada reaparición de Adrenalina sobre el escenario, pero esta vez no fue en un auditorio cualquiera sino en el Teatro Nacional de San Salvador, recinto histórico por donde han pasado tantos artistas de diferentes connotaciones!

Como siempre, me gusta moverme por todas partes, un poco de incógnito si es posible, aunque no tanto pues sonando los clicks de aquí y allá, salieron estas imágenes para la posteridad del Rock en El Salvador.

Impresionante ver el sold-out dentro del lugar!

Particularmente me emociona!

Gracias chicos por volver a confiar en mi para documentar el evento!


So it was one of those nights when old bands reunite to play and have some fun, Scenarium was the spot to be at.

Opening act was taken by Jardín de Huesos,  joined at the very end by a choir of other singers present there.

Nativa Geranio was the second act, they were a pretty popular band back in the early 90’s (as far as I remember), they moved the crowds with their ska beats, it was a lot of fun to be there.

You can look them up in Spotify too!



What a better way to close this year!,  to be called to join the Adrenalina team for a second time to immortalize this concert!

The gig took place in Scenarium, Multiplaza, in San Salvador, the coolest concert joint these days here.

Prior to the concert, two bands opened: Jardín de Huesos and Nativa Geranio, which we hadn’t heard of in a while since the 90’s! To me, was like bringing back time when hanging out. But for the fans who came it was just a blast!