Soon! We will be able to watch Boneyard, a documentary on YouTube, which is about four boys that decided to make music, back in the day, we’re talking about late 80’s- early 90’s.

I joined them -camera in hand-, right before the official presentation, at this bar, we shared a couple of beers and good conversation while doing my shots.

These guys have been part of the rock scene for quite some years now, and it can be a struggle to develop any type of art in a country which can be culturally limited. What I do see, is that all these efforts to keep the music history coming forward to new generations, are going to pay off sometime ahead. And it’s a good thing for new generations to see.


This had me with mixed emotions… On one hand, just the thought of being their official photographer through the years, this time having the chance to document their last concert… The very last one.

On the other hand, having the honor of covering their most important venues, being a part of it all through my lens… I feel grateful, and will always be.

The farewell venue happened at the Black Coyote Theater, it felt most like an MTV Unplugged (sort of), but absolutely electrifying! The crowd’s reactions and interactions were just there, it all had me jumping around with my camera while capturing those moments.


I specially like to thank my dear friend Aaron Sztarkmann (the greatest bass player there is) for putting such job on my hands and eyes.

And so it all began…


I had not published these portraits on my website, not that I had forgotten that I made these beautiful images of Ellen, she is part of the National Ballet Company here in El Salvador.

She revealed not just how natural she is in front of a lens, but the true artistry of her moves in front of it is so striking, that the resulting images turned out to be pure magic.

An ethereal beauty…

Family Love

My friend Karla and her family from San Antonio, TX had asked me to shoot some photos for them a while ago, in fact I had forgotten we already had agreed on that months ago!

So when I got her call I rushed into the studio to set an appointment.

I had the chance to see her family again after a few years, and meet their beautiful kids and husband.

The photos came out splendid. I am glad I got to make them.

Recent Trip to Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala has a magic of its own, this city was founded during the Spanish colonization, becoming the Capitanía General de Centroamerica or Kingdom of Guatemala. It’s well known for the good preservation of its old architecture dating from the 1500 century.

It is a 6 hour drive from San Salvador, through the capital city of Guatemala. We’ve been going there quite often since childhood.

It’s also a well visited destination for tourists from around the world, their people are really kind and friendly.



Por ahí, por donde me lleva el camino y si ando la cámara es mejor aun.

I’ve always had my thing for traveling, I’ve had the opportunity to go to different places and try to learn from them.
I love the idea of trying different tastes, seeing different colors, cultures and experiment a little of each.

Even a simple walk through an old town, which sometimes can be a bit dangerous while carrying the camera is part of the adventure.

Let’s hope I can keep doing those short escapes.


El Proyecto Fotógrafa

La fotografía ha sido parte  de mi vida desde muy pequeña, siempre veía a mi padre llevando su cámara de 35mm por donde fuéramos, siempre me pareció que el tiempo quedaba plasmado en ellas, las vivencias, momentos importantes, incluso palabras que vuelven sobre ese segundo en que fueron hechas las imagenes.

En este tema me inicié allá por 2002 estando en España, en ese entonces me acompañaba una cámara point and shoot de 35mm que tuve, y la cual me ayudaba a congelar los momentos que yo quería guardar en la memoria. Cuando veía el resultado de lo revelado fui descubriendo mi afición por la composición y la luz.

En el año 2010 decidí especializarme un poco, aprender bien el manejo de una cámara DSLR, sobre el uso de los lentes, luz, exposición, etc. Tomé mi primer curso de fotografía con Iván Guevara, fotógrafo y artista.

Luego vinieron otros dos cursos en la escuela de RAF, donde aprendí un poco mejor sobre el manejo de la luz, aspectos técnicos, etc.

Son cinco años ya de haberme involucrado en la fotografía, y dos de haber decidido hacerlo más de lleno y sin embargo, sigo en un proceso de descubrir lo que puedo lograr a través de ella, explotar mi creatividad hasta donde pueda, en diferentes planos y perspectivas fotográficas, estoy por saber hasta donde puedo llegar.