I guess none of us ever expected to be confined because of a virus, the first thing that may have popped in is that the Third World War would explode or something! But no, here we are locked at home with our family which actually I prefer over anything else these days. Some others may be a bit desperate to go out and try to have a «normal»life.

This is the new normal these days. And I’m trying to make the best out of it.

I am trying to use my time to learn some new skills, try to handle better PS or even the use of flash or any other type of light to make a pic.

In a way, I need to have my head busy into something, busy into creativeness since it’s my escaping method, it can be pretty hectic sometimes being in a lockdown period.

And so after all these days, I decided to go outside, downtown to be more specific -where it’s usually crowded, to find an empty city.

It actually felt kind of cool not having too many people around, somehow not being affraid to take out my camera.

Maybe I can make some more before it starts getting back to our new normality…

That feeling of urban emptyness… I can barely describe it.

If buildings could talk and tell us their stories…

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