After all these months of slow -or maybe none- photographic work, JCP Arquitectos rang me to do an interiors photoshoot.

This restaurant is located in downtown San Salvador, where the Centro Histórico is located.

The restaurant’s specialty is mexican food, their owners wanted a place where you could feel the touch of color as well as many details that belong to salvadoran culture, I love the mixture of both, I thought it was pretty original and creative.

Recent Trip to Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala has a magic of its own, this city was founded during the Spanish colonization, becoming the Capitanía General de Centroamerica or Kingdom of Guatemala. It’s well known for the good preservation of its old architecture dating from the 1500 century.

It is a 6 hour drive from San Salvador, through the capital city of Guatemala. We’ve been going there quite often since childhood.

It’s also a well visited destination for tourists from around the world, their people are really kind and friendly.


My latest project in architecture photography, this was planned for an expo event for the Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de El Salvador (BAUES 2018).

This house was designed by Architect Juan Carlos Paredes, the concept was planned  integrating social areas where everyone can interact, all spaces are connected and very open, which makes the house a whole living space in itself.

Architect Rodrigo Mayora took care of building it.

The house is located outside San Salvador, and it’s well adapted to the natural landscape surrounding it.

The owners wanted the spaces to have an open feeling and very well integrated, it gives the house a good flow through its different areas.

Arquitectura e Interiorismo

He estado trabajando fotografía arquitectónica por unos cuatro años con mi gran amigo, el arquitecto Edgar Albanez – mejor conocido como Tito-,  quién concibe espacios para la vida cotidiana, de una forma práctica, adaptandose a los ideales de cada cliente.


Es un rollo para mi, pues mi carrera conllevaba tres años de materias comunes con arquitectura, y también trabajé un tiempo como diseñadora.

Lo que me gusta de esto es que puedo percibir el estilo de cada obra como algo propio de quién lo disfruta, y de quién ama su trabajo.

Es realmente una pasada.