And so love shall conquer all... whenever I'm behind the camera,  I get this feeling of satisfaction, joy, or whatever name we can call it... just happiness. To capture love, through expressions, movements or a simple look can tell a lot in photography. It's intangible, but we're able to see it, feel it, in …


It's always so nice to capture moments of loving families! Kids jumping around, laughter, mommies always worrying about things are in place, it is a gratifying feeling when I see the photos taken.    

It’s Grad season!

Recently, I had the chance to photograph is always something special to capture big smiles, friendships, with so many dreams ahead, moments to celebrate and share with the loved ones.

Photoshooting my Model

Sometimes I like to try different things, it's always a good exercise to work with someone else when it comes to body expression and what you want to accomplish in a photo. I love the artistic part of it all.  


Todo el mundo sabe que la música ha sido parte de mi vida, aun cuando no puedo ni emitir mues con una flauta,  el rock me mueve. Estas son algunas de las fotos que le hice a la mejor banda de rock que ha existido en la faz salvadoreña... si, son los de Adrenalina, en …