I had not published these portraits on my website, not that I had forgotten that I made these beautiful images of Ellen, she is part of the National Ballet Company here in El Salvador.

She revealed not just how natural she is in front of a lens, but the true artistry of her moves in front of it is so striking, that the resulting images turned out to be pure magic.

An ethereal beauty…

Family Love

My friend Karla and her family from San Antonio, TX had asked me to shoot some photos for them a while ago, in fact I had forgotten we already had agreed on that months ago!

So when I got her call I rushed into the studio to set an appointment.

I had the chance to see her family again after a few years, and meet their beautiful kids and husband.

The photos came out splendid. I am glad I got to make them.

A Beautiful Family!

Recently, I had the chance to work for a big crazy loving family!

They were really fun to work with! I really had a good time doing these photos while the kids were making a lot of noise!

Their grandma, her four daughters and her grandchildren gathered along so that I could make these images, they sure showed how much they love each other!

The outcome was simply spectacular!


Got requested by my friends Julio & Ryna  to shoot some photos for their professional profiles, they are both architects working on different fields.

Well, the outcome was spectacular since they both were together, making each other laugh made things a lot easier, specially for Ryna.

Here’s a pick of the best photos that came out.

Thank you for trusting my work guys!


Me pidieron mis amigos Julio & Ryna que les hiciera algunas fotos para sus perfiles profesionales, ambos son arquitectos trabajando en diferentes campos relacionados.

El resultado ha sido espectacular, ya que ambos se juntaron, haciéndose reir entre si hizo las cosas más fáciles, especialmente para Ryna.

He aquí una selección de las fotos resultantes.

Gracias chicos por confiar en mi trabajo!!!