Volcán Chichontepec, El Salvador.

El Salvador is a country well known nowadays for it’s history of recent violence. This may be the only reason why it’s known for worldwide.

But for us, citizens moving in our daily chores, it’s also the place where we try to develop other skills.

Perhaps for me, I’ve found my nest in photography. It started as something to play with while being alone for some time,  in Barcelona a few years back, as it turns out I had something I could use to freeze moments, places, people, etc.

After developing the first few films, which by then I had found a place where I could get good quality for less than 6 euros, I was seeing something that made me happy, satisfied in ways I couldn’t do before.

Further down the path, I decided it was time to go deeper into the subject, I wanted to experiment, I wanted to try lights, to try exposures, to capture other things besides the usual stuff…

Well, it’s an exercise, the whole time is a working progress, in which I still learn.

I am thinking of where I want to go, what else there is to explore in the field, and believe me when I tell, that so far it’s the most satisfying thing for me to do.

To see others happy with my work, makes me happy too…inexplicably happy…

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