Part of my younger years were spent doing a lot of sports, but I had a thing for gymnastics which I got to practice for six or seven years.

That’s why I felt so happy when I got a call to do a photoshoot before a competition, I was thrilled to do it!

It brought me back to those days when training was hard, so hard you could see your hands peeled off and it didn’t matter, when you get to the point when you challenge your body, when you know you have your limits and still feel the need to try it until you make it right. I must say that gimnastics shaped me a lot into the person I am today.

When I was in there, I felt like if I could I would do it again, then I remembered my physical capacity ain’t the same as it used to…

But it was fun to go back in there with my camera!



Por ahí, por donde me lleva el camino y si ando la cámara es mejor aun.

I’ve always had my thing for traveling, I’ve had the opportunity to go to different places and try to learn from them.
I love the idea of trying different tastes, seeing different colors, cultures and experiment a little of each.

Even a simple walk through an old town, which sometimes can be a bit dangerous while carrying the camera is part of the adventure.

Let’s hope I can keep doing those short escapes.