The UK trip!

I’ve been trying to land back into reality after taking 15 days off work (my office job) to go to England and some other European countries. For us 15 days is a luxury worth a lifetime since living in a country like El Salvador can become hectic at times.




There were many things that caught my attention there, people were just amazing, we felt welcome, the city is full of life, friendliness, music, it felt safe even though we were aware of the situation nowadays, I think many cultures converge there, it was some experience to visit. The food, the pubs -something we needed to try- was just great!

To me it was a gratifying experience to go back to the other side of the pond and revive -in a way- my old life over there 15 years ago -or so-, it all felt so familiar somehow.

But the most priceless thing, besides going with my hubby, was getting some amazing photographs._DSC8729-2


My camera never felt heavy while walking…and  we did take really long walks around these touristic spots, at first I was a bit scared to carry it out around, but somehow I got over it. I was just another tourist after all. 🙂



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